Influential Communication: From Ignored to Impressive

FREE Leadership Learning Workshop –  Friday, November 2nd Whether you are using email, work presentations, social media posts, or public speeches, effective communication is necessary to get your point across. You don’t want to manipulate people into agreement or simply be ignored; you want to communicate so well others are influenced into action. In this presentation you’ll [...]

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ARTable on News Channel 5 Plus Side of Nashville

Plus Side of Nashville: ARTable - The Nashville area is full of talented visual artists. So how cool is it getting to meet someone whose work you may own or whom you admire? Well that’s what can happen at ARTable. Here to tell us more is Matt Fisher, owner of Picture This and the founder of ARTable, along with renown Nashville artist Phil Ponder.

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Looking forward to seeing you at ARTable 2017!

Leadership Donelson-Hermitage hosts the sixth annual ARTable at The Clay Lady’s Campus. Bringing together artists and art enthusiasts is the centerpiece of the event, and when combined with delicious wine, food and conversation, an unforgettable experience is the likely result. Phil Ponder, Randy Purcell, Larry and Tracey Rogers are the four incredible artists returning as a throwback to the first years of ARTable.

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Join Us for ARTable 2016!

ARTable is an annual event that brings together extraordinary artists and art enthusiasts for an evening of food, wine and conversation about…art! Saturday, October 8th 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Participating artists and restaurants will be announced soon. Tickets will go on sale July 1, 2016 and can be purchased by clicking here or by [...]

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Mentorship In A Digital World – Let’s Talk

What a great opportunity to learn from the best! Sign up today!  You don't want to miss this exciting program!  Invite your friends and co-workers to register. Remember these Leadership Learning Series sessions are free - thanks to the grants provided by First Tennessee Foundation and Memorial Foundation. Hope to see you all on February [...]

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Join us for ARTable!

ARTable is an annual event that brings together extraordinary artists and their admirers for an evening of food, wine and conversation! Don't miss this fun event! ARTable is an ARTOBER Event we know you will enjoy! Saturday, October 18th 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $40 and are available on the link below or [...]

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Leadership Learning Series – LinkedIn 2.0

Leadership Donelson-Hermitage is proud to present our Summer Breakfast Break - LinkedIn 2.0 - Everyone's in the pool, so now what? Come join us on Thursday, July 17th 7:30 - 9:30 a.m. for a fascinating session with Todd Bowman on LinkedIn. Todd will help you create a plan for your LinedIn time investment; establish yourself [...]

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