The LDH Board of Directors met this past Tuesday, July 10th to plan for    the  coming year.   We were in the company of three teriffic consultants:  Deb Palmer George, Deb Tobey and Susan Hosbach.    Open discussions surrounding what we love about LDH, what we need to focus on, board responsiblities, generational differences and many other topics were discussed.   Jan Maddox, Board Chair and I are excited about where we are going in our future and the many opportunities that we have this coming year.   Everyone had a wonderful day and we especially want to thank Deloitte (one of our Andrew Jackson Platinum Sponsors)  for hosting this meeting!   The training room is not only functional, but extremely technologically cool as well!   And the food provided by thier inhouse caterer was fabulous!    When you see Jan or any of our Deloitte friends, please thank them.   Andif you are talking with one of our Board Members, be sure to let them know what you see as prioritites for LDH in the coming year!

Board members include: Jan Maddox, Chair; John Levesque, Chair Elect; Kim Johnson, 2nd Chair Elect; Melynda Bounds, Treasurer; Anna Shepherd, Secretary; Lisa Viator, Alumni; Mindy Ryals, Development; Tinita Haley, Marketing; Allyson Shumate, Program; Wayne Tucker, Recruitment; Randy Brothers, Retreat; Bob Benson, Scholarship; Ron Balcarras, Selection; Sarah Franklin, M3LDH; Kyndyll Lackey, YELL.

Also in attendance were Board Co-Chairs and Task Force Chairs.

What committee are you serving on this year?   If you are not sure, please give me a call and let’s discuss!   Have a great day!