Good afternoon LDH Alumni,

Wow!   Today we are presenting two videos of LDH Alumni talking about their experiences in our program.   The videos are awesome and we are so thrilled to share these with you!   Please take a few minutes and watch these videos and be sure to share with your prospects for next year’s class!   It will make it easier to recruit them I promise.

And these videos will stay on our site – always under the heading of ‘What’s New”.    But, they are also on YouTube!  

Don’t forget to send in your reservations for LeadUP – Monday, March 4th at 6:00 p.m.    You and your guests at no charge – lots of networking, fun and a very short program about LDH just to let your prospects know a little more about who we are!

A huge thank you to our friends and Andrew Jackson Level sponsors at Deloitte without whom these videos could not be possible!   Deloitte alumni arranged to film the alumni at graduation last year and edited film into two videos we can use for a long time. 

Also thanks to Letha and for helping us get them out to you!

Be sure to thank our sponsors every chance you get!

Have a great week!