LDH Alumni are invited to join the new LDH Alumni Facebook page. This is a closed page and for LDH Alumni only. Each person that asks to join will have to be added by one of the Admin’s. This page does not replace the LDH Facebook page that is public, rather it gives you an opportunity to chat with each other in a controlled, private setting.

The following message is pinned to the top of the page:
“This is a private Facebook group created SOLELY for our LDH Alumni. Of course, rules apply here just as they do throughout our organization: we expect all LDH Alumni to conduct business, professional, and personal activities in a reputable manner. This private Facebook group is no exception, and we will enforce this with a zero-tolerance policy. Essentially, just be your normal awesome self and don’t get banned from the page.

We invite you to use this online tool as a way to re-connect with, stay connected to, and learn more about your fellow LDH alums. Ask questions, get to know each other, provide support, and share experiences. DO NOT SELL ANYTHING OR ASK FOR MONEY on this page – no fundraisers, no political activity, no Girl Scout cookies, no Mary Kay, no Craig’s List ads, no yard sales, etc.”

I look forward to chatting with you all on this private page!
To join click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/619644288092278/